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We encourage you to pay what you can for this record. 100% of the money earned through downloads (minus Bandcamp fees) will be donated to the Loretta Saunders Community Scholarship, which supports Indigenous women who are attending a post-secondary institution in Mi’kma’ki, Nunatsiavut, or Atlantic Canada. Learn more here:



released December 1, 2016

All songs written by: Jono, Scott, and Glenn
Recorded by: Taylor Barrow
Tracks 1,6, and 11 recorded by: Threes
Additional Vocals on tracks 3, 5, and 12 by: Jo Snyder
Mastered by: Stuart McKillop at Rain City Recorders
Album photo by: Taylor Barrow
Thank you: Taylor, Jo, Jose, Peter, Maurice, Nathan, Stu



all rights reserved


THREES Toronto, Ontario

Toronto punk rock.

Featuring members of THREES.

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Track Name: Rot Away
I put a cigarette out on your skin today.
Burned a little hole and I spit in your face.
It's dripping down your face.

If the axe don't work, I'll use the oven door.
Cave in your head, the blood will soak through the floor.
It's soaking through the floor.

When the demons leave, I can fall asleep.
Lay in my dreams and slowly rot away.
Let me rot away.
Let my body slowly rot away.
Track Name: Old Vans
We bought and sold the best and worst of them. Refurbished from the frame up, rust from rim to rim. But who will be the one to cut spare keys? Now I'm lookin at old photos, oh man it's getting late; a hundred 4x6’s of the back of our heads and the best fucking view of the open road. They capture pieces of our souls—they capture pieces of us all. We’ve come a long way tonight, travelling these roads. We learned the hard way tonight, travelling these roads. But after all this is said and done…
Track Name: Dufferin Street Blues
Say goodbye to the only constant in my life. Say hello to that unfamiliar friend they call change. Once you cross paths with change, life ain't ever gonna be the same; so say goodbye boys. Walk up to the Olympia supermarket, buy some candy and cigarettes and we’ll feel much better. If my dealer’s not home tonight, don’t think it was all for nothin. I’ve got a little tucked away for just such a rainy day, for the days that we must leave behind us.
Track Name: Out There
So are you locked inside of this room? Trapped between the arms of your friends? Oh they’ll do. But they won’t fill you wanna be alone but together; proofread your conversations. What are you runnin from? Or is it someplace that you’re runnin to? I see it every day, swiping right past the point. What’s Mike from high school sayin? What won’t I believe next? Or are you just staring, hoping someone will bring you out there? If everything’s out there, why aren’t you? Conversation’s now courtesy. What dies first, your real life or your battery?
Track Name: Last One Out
This time of morning, I don’t know what I hate more; my alarm clock or myself. The pending day gets lost in the memories; the entrails of the void. I can’t bear to be me yet. So you won’t see me, I’ll be the last one out. Take me back to where we don’t know who we are. Permanent night. No thoughts, no worries. I’ll fall back asleep, pray I hit the ground, I’ll fashion ways to keep me here forever. Here in nothing, where no one sees; free of context, far from misery—and we both know we’ll never feel better than this.
Track Name: Scary Movies
Why do you keep on calling me? I'd say I hate you but I can't stand the thought of you anymore. The fact that I wrote this song's a fuckin shame cause I gotta keep thinking about you more.
Track Name: Honest Son
Hey mom, can I please borrow 15 dollars again? I'm runnin low on dope, I just can't sleep without it. Hey dad, can i please borrow 20 bucks again? The boys are getting wasted and it's not the same without me. Maybe I should go without tonight. Hey mom, can I please borrow 15 dollars again? I swear I'll reimburse you, it just might take a while. Hey dad, can I please borrow...I dunno...a 5 or 10? It must be wearing thin...me calling you again... Maybe I should go without tonight. Maybe I should find a job and get on with my life. Admit to myself I’m the one to blame. Fall in order or fallen order?
Track Name: Wednesdays, 25 Cents
Seems like every day, these clouds aren’t breaking up. Feeling like I wish we both could just give it up. Awake all night talkin about how we can’t go on pretending that we care. We don’t care about anything around here. And we’re all stressin out about it. And I wanna forget about it. Everybody lives for this and I don’t give a single fuck about it. I don’t give a shit about it.
Track Name: Mother's Lament
The hardest part about cutting your teeth is watching the way they bleed. Those drops on the sidewalk--parts of your father and I—they're keeping you undone, they’re keeping you outside. Rest your head on the cold concrete. Was it a fair trade for a bed and pillow? Just to heed the pull inside your veins... It's not quite your fault but nor is it mine. These things worth nothing anymore. Was it a long climb up from the bottom? A lesser man wouldn't be alive. If it's how you say and truly over then may others know that this is possible. These things could mean something again. Stretched your arms and reached back up from the bottom. These things worth something again. A life cut short, not by your hands, you lost control in a different way. On the highway, far passed recovery; not by your hands and not by mine.
Track Name: L5-S1
It's sticking out
Annular tear in the skin
A tangled, knotted rope I can't pull in

Move these nerves
Relieve the tension, in days and nights so numb they're tingling

Collapse like fascia released

Can't decompress
A life imbalanced
My heart could use a manual adjustment

Not enough space
to restore motion
The deep core of this tired soul is weakening
Track Name: Dirty Dishes
I go out in the noon-day sun and I think I won't go home again. Cause I'm sick of coming home to a mess, I'm sick of cleaning up after you, and I'm sick of waiting around in the morning for you to finish in the bathroom. I'm sick. I've been out in the noon-day sun and I think I'm gonna go home again. Cause if I were to break free, leave the dirty plates and glasses behind, I know I'd miss your face. I'd miss those late nights drinking and smoking joints in the living room. Ah shit.
Track Name: Remains
Backed away from what I know. Past the point of no return. That simple concept, why can’t I put into words? Standing in, a feeble guard—my transference at large distilled to a song for all those things that remain on the inside. What’s left of all we have refrains. I’ll sing it at the top of my lungs but I’ll never talk about it, just walk around it. In the wake and all alone; I still see you walk away. And anger will confound my attempt at a consoling verse. Never mind the things unsaid, at last I found the confidence through a song for all those things that remain on the inside.
Track Name: Nowhere
One step forward... how does the rest of that go? I've got one foot in the door and the other one's stuck in a trap I left behind years ago. I'm bleeding at the source. Exhaust all the names on my phone. There's gotta be somebody else who feels alone. Who'll cut off my leg, drag my body across the floor, or find a better metaphor. Can't be content with going nowhere.
Track Name: Wayside
In a way, I can hear it bottled up in the back of your throat, with tired eyes and tied hands, clutching the edge of your rope. Every day just waiting for those forty minutes or so. If you could explain, it might be easier to let it go. And let it fall by the wayside. It’s starting to… Sincerely, if there’s just no other way, I’d never hold it against you. So here we are, some of the last ones standing, forged in the fires but never burned. If we fall by the wayside, bygones we may be. I’ll let us be so.
Track Name: Mind Fuck
Mind fuck. I don't mind fuckin with my mind.
Vibrant, vibrating, leaves glowing on the tree I'm in; Hang above the head space I'm in.
Track Name: Fuck This World
It's just another day staring at the space between you and I. All I want to say is that I know what the fuck is really goin on. This world's a crazy fuckin place--bunch of assholes tryin to put each other down. If it's true what they say, then great minds—If they can find each other—they will think in time. We're singing through the night to make some sense of the light. If acknowledgement is the beginning of action…